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Procurement Services -
a value generating function

What we do

With a multi-billion Swiss Francs annual global spend, Group Procurement Services (GPS) provide a full range of best-in-class services that empower Business Units to expand their markets, drive innovation as well as capture and leverage suppliers. We are a truly global Procurement organization, supported by regional teams which help to source the best quality products and ensure that strategic partnerships can be created as well as fostered.

For Clariant, responsible sourcing means an untiring commitment to upholding high social, environmental and governance standards when making sourcing decisions.

Through our membership in the Together for Sustainability initiative and our commitments, among others, to the Science Based Targets Initiative and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, we strive to drive sustainability performance in our supply chains and to promote transparency and solidarity.

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»The supply chain, our suppliers,
business partners and their contractors
are an integral part of our overall sustainability strategy.»

Markus Mirgeler, CPO

Clariant’s Supplier Code of Ethics -
our principles for a sustainable partnership

Clariant’s Code of Ethics is laying down our commitments and is intended to be a guide with ethical principles and examples to enable our personnel and associated parties to act with highest standards of integrity

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Based on these values, we launched the Supplier Code of Ethics which is relevant to all suppliers, business partners and their contractors doing business with Clariant.

New legislations and requirements (e.g., the Supply Chain Law) have been considered as well as the need for continuous improvements. Clariant’s Supplier Code of Ethics replaces the previous Clariant’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Let’s reflect together!

What do we expect from our suppliers?
We expect our suppliers, business partners and their contractors to abide by this Supplier Code of Ethics and to support us to reduce negative environmental and social impacts. This goal is achieved by evaluating the sustainable performance of our supply chain through our membership in the Together for Sustainability Initiative. Based on assessments and/or audits of our Suppliers, we establish relevant, measurable improvement objectives and targets, as well as we regularly monitor and verify their progress.

  • What we buy?

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  • Electronic invoicing

    Electronic invoices are a proven way to speed up payments and reduce environmental impact.

  • Sustainability

    Whether the world must become sustainable is a question we’ve long stopped asking ourselves. We are much too busy working on how this can be done. We have set out with passionate people, to create leading-edge operations and innovative solutions that mean progress for everyone today while sustaining the world for our children tomorrow.