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CliMate – real data, real change
Synergen® DRT – fields abuzz
Cupuaçu – naturally effective
How small family farms in the Amazon region supply Clariant with unique ingredients for cosmetics and why it matters so much.
Can biomass waste improve manufacturing efficiencies and circularity?
800 volts under the driver's seat
How safe can high-voltage e-mobility be?
Shaping the future of printing with safer and more sustainable inks
Ready for a second life
Sustainable sourcing – protecting the skin by protecting the Amazon forest
The »Queen of the Amazon« is a tall, strong beauty who regularly showers the floor of the rainforest with precious gifts – Brazil nuts. By using a byproduct from Brazil nut oil extraction for our skin care ingredient Ethience Protect®, we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3, 12 and 17.
Growing every day
Executive Leadership Team
Bringing our purpose-led strategy to life
Tackling greenhouse gas emissions, one handprint at a time
Catalytic innovations that are helping decarbonize the chemical industry today
Personal Care
Taking a 360° approach to sustainability: possibilities from the chemical industry
Nitrous oxide – catching an elusive villain
In the fight to protect the climate, Clariant has developed a catalyst that effectively cuts down nitrous oxide emissions and will give the opportunity to ten companies worldwide to try it for free.
Personal Care
RedSnow® – beauty in season
Ready for business – How Clariant is laying the ground for second-generation biofuels and much more
The new sunliquid® plant is ready to start production in Romania. It is the nucleus for a new sustainable business ecosystem. What went into building it?
Safe and sustainable chemistry – Addressing trends and anticipating legislation
Personal Care
Clariant expanding digital capabilities to provide more data in real time
A natural rheology modifier that brings real change
Clariant generates a buzz in Charlotte, NC, with the opening of new Innovation Center
Oil and Mining Services
Green solutions for preventing corrosion
Spotlight on Louisville
25th Anniversary
A quarter century of improving safety – In every way we can
Partners in Clime - Clariant and Casale develop new ammonia catalyst for sustainable CO2 reduction
25th anniversary
100 years of »big molecules« and the big changes ahead of them
Active Ingredients
Getting to the root of cleaner skincare
Formulating new beauty trends and the formulations that capture them
25th Anniversary
Meet our gecko! 25 years on, this analogy has never been truer for our adhesive wonder, Licocene
25th Anniversary
Green Power - Fuel cell technology: a megatrend with a mini footprint
As the climate gives us increasing and alarming signals of change, individuals and industries are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. But how do we balance our hunger for power with our fear for the future?
25th Anniversary
sunliquid® – On a straight-as-straw path to sustainable success
Giving better fire safety to the 5G revolution
25th Anniversary
25 years of supporting change –Clariant’s untiring pursuit of environmental excellence
What cookies, pasta and plastics (now) have in common
When making cookies or homemade pasta, it’s natural to reuse scraps of leftover dough by adding them to fresh dough. Similar scraps are generated during the production of plastic films. Putting this »dough« to the same good circular use is difficult, however – unless it’s »sprinkled« with one of our special EcoCircle additives.
25th Anniversary
How Clariant helps turn plastic waste into high-quality diesel
Bio-based additives
Expanding the potential and reach of biopolymers
Recycling plastics with fire
Advancing plastics recycling to reach global goals
25th Anniversary
The ignition for Clariant’s sustainability passion
It’s a bold claim indeed but one for which our halogen-free flame retardant for plastics, Exolit® OP, proudly takes credit.
25th Anniversary
Five years of EcoTain® – a small label with big impact
25th Anniversary
Ever heard of plant milking? See how a partnership evolving from our focus on sustainability and innovation pioneers solutions for the beauty market
Synthesizing Clariant - the making of a chemicals leader
It takes countless compounds to synthesize our products, but what did it take to make our present company? To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Clariant’s founding, we’re taking a chemistry-minded look back at our history and the many interesting reagents and synthesis steps that made us who we are.
Personal Care
Cosmetic preservation - sustainably boosting the safety of your body cream
New Business Development
A paternity test for your t-shirt
Personal Care
How olives save sharks and what you can do to help them
Olives aren’t just great appetizers and classic additions to a dry martini. Ingredients made from them also help save sharks from being harvested for their livers. By looking out for these plant-based alternatives in your skin cream, body lotion and other personal care products, you can support olives in their noble task.
Active Ingredients
Aging naturally to age well: discovering the past to glimpse the future
A mascot with a colorful history and a very long neck
The magic crystals that turn climate gases into clean air
Civil Engineering
Digging a new supermetro in the Paris underground
By 2030, the Paris metro will be expanded to twice its size and become the largest and most state-of-the-art subway system in Europe. But how do you dig about 200 kilometers of tunnels and stations without them constantly falling back in? By filling them with something very similar to quicksand, is the strange answer, which we explain in finer-grained detail in this post.
Paints & Coatings
Cities of the Future: Nature and Wellness at the Center of Urban Design
Home & Garden: Living Lagom at Home
Meet the cleaning ingredient that reduces cleaning time
Active Ingredients
K-Beauty: 5 fascinating facts about the beauty phenomenon
2018 Nobel Prize for Chemistry Goes to Directed Evolution of Enzymes
Corporate lawyer by day, baby product entrepreneur by night
Food and Beverage
How clay enables healthier food oils
Fueling our cars with straw to reduce CO2 emissions
Water Management
InspireWater: Making Every Drop Count
Refinery Services
How chemistry helps us survive winter
Active Ingredients
A Korean green citrus that protects your skin from indoor pollutants
Water Management
‘Magic Gardens’: wastewater project for safe drinking water
To combat the clean water problem in rural and remote areas, Clariant is collaborating with other local and multinational corporations to bring safe drinking water to Indonesia through wastewater treatment gardens (WWGs).
No ice allowed: deicing to ensure safe travels
Personal Care
The future of skincare works just like a malt ball
How catalysts contribute to a sustainable planet
Industrial & Home Care
How sunflowers are helping to improve the dishwashing experience
Personal Care
Chemistry uncovered: What’s in your face creams
Fighting global food loss: one container at a time
870,000,000 That’s how many people could be fed if just one-fourth of the food lost or wasted globally were saved. Though food loss happens throughout every stage of the supply chain, transportation is one of the riskiest steps.
Sustainable urbanization: building safe infrastructure
New agro-films help bees pollinate crops and feed the planet
Personal Care
Goodbye sulfates? The future of eco-beauty may be sugar-based products
Flame Retardants
Clariant’s fire-fighting additive could be on Mars mission
Automotive Solutions
Beyond the Electric Car: Five innovations making vehicles more sustainable