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STUVA e.V. has been organising scientific conferences since more than 50 years. STUVA's conferences are held bi-annually, late November/early December in odd years, and have become a fixed date in the calendar of many national and international tunnelling experts.

Traditionally, the event is hosted by a large German city with a metro system in operation or under construction.

The conference covers recent developments il all fields of underground construction with special focus topics, e.g.: new technologies, design, construction maintenance, economic issues, safety and risk during contruction and operation, contractual issues from tendering to awarding, etc.

Usually, the event lasts three days: international experts will be prensented on the first and second day. The third day is reserved for excursions to interesting local construction sites and other interesting sites.

Since 1997 the STUVA Conferences has been accompanied by the largest international branch event wordwide, the trade fair STUVA Expo.