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MD&M West 2019

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MD&M West 2019
February 5-7, 2019

Enhancing and protecting healthcare products

Trusted color and performance. Clariant Masterbatches has more than 10 years’ experience in this segment. After discussions with customers, Clariant started to develop a new approach to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors based on controlling and minimizing risk.

Manufactured in Lewiston Maine, part of a global network of three sites externally certified to latest GMP quality management system EN-ISO13485-2016 , and supported by robust regulatory documentation based on testing of the ingredients to ISO10993, USP 87, 88 Class VI, and more recently EP3.1, USP661.1 and ICHQ3D, MEVOPUR and REMAFIN-EP sets the benchmark for the industry.

Meet our experts to explore new additions to the MEVOPUR range at the MD&M West

  • Solutions for laser-welding: Laser absorbing and transmitting colors enabling fast, reliable assembly of plastic components using Nd-YAG lasers
  • Reduce catheter tip breakage: Hydrolytically stabilized and radiopaque catheter compounds. Helps eliminate the problem of loss of mechanical properties and catheter tip breakage when using PEBA or TPU polymers. Full range of radiopaque options.

Other MEVOPUR products and applications on display:

  • Standard and customized Color for drug-delivery, invasive, diagnostic devices– available as compound or masterbatch concentrate in a range of polymers from PE to PEEK.
  • MEVOPUR-LQ liquid color concentrates for LSR silicones
  • Pharmaceutical packaging solutions – including white, amber, UV filters for bottles and colors for caps and closures – complaint to new USP661.1 standard.
  • Modification of polymers to enhance properties, including antistatic, gamma protection, laser-marking and the PLASTIWARD anti-counterfeit system.

Controlled, Consistent, Compliant

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