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International Conference on Oilfield Chemistry

International Conference on Oilfield Chemistry: April 8-9, in Galveston, TX at the Moody Gardens Hotel & Convention. Clariant Oil Services will be in Booth 101. Please visit for more information.

Session on April 8

H2S Scavenger Development During the Oil and Gas Industry search for an MEA Triazine Replacemeeent in Hydrogen Sulfide Mitigation and Enhanced Monitoring Techniques Employed during their Evaluations

Session New or Frontier Chemical Technologies II

G. Taylor

Sessions on April 9

Impact of Inorganic Salts and Minerals on Asphaltene Stability and Inhibitor Performance

Session Flow Assurance I

AD Punase

Out with the Old: Developing a New Methodology for Paraffin Wax Dispersion and Inhibition Testing

Session Knowledge Sharing ePoster VII

A. Miller

What Can we Learn from Anaylsis of Field Asphaltenes Deposits? Enhancing Product Development Through Knowledge Based Field to Lab to Field Approach

Session Flow Assurance II

J.DA Silva


First Occurrence of a Shale Oil with Trimodal Carbon Chain Distribution and Paraffins Higher than Nonacotane: A Real Fail Test for Existing Chemistries and Methods

Session Chemical Additives for Unconventional Reservoir Production

A. Mahmoudkhani