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March 11, 2020 | Manila, Philippines

Coconut Oil Purification Seminar

On March 11th 2020, the Coconut Oil Purification Seminar in Manila was successfully held as a joint collaboration between Clariant and our local Philippine distributor Chemie Source. 

Our Regional Sales Manager Anwar Tjokroasmoro and our Technical Sales Manager Dedy Ricardo were presenting our new innovative product Tonsil Optimum 231 C for coconut oil purification to participants from 25 local vegetable oil refineries including Dumaguete Coconut Mill Inc., Oleo Fats Inc., New Davao Oil Mills Inc., Malabon Soap & Oil Industrial, Voice Development Corp and other refineries.

Tonsil Optimum 231 C allows our customers to reduce the dosage and therefore oil loss which results as well in waste disposal costs decrease.

A current globally discussed topics are chemical contaminants during edible oil purification. Apart from Tonsil Optimum 231 C, we introduced innovative products that could mitigate the current issue that edible oil refineries are facing: Chemical contaminants during edible oil purification (3 MCPD esters and GE).

Adding value through sustainability is one part of our strategy and therefore we were presenting our targets of reducing energy, freshwater consumption, wastewater and CO2 emissions.

We offer tailor-made solutions to our customers and some of the participants did not miss the chance to have a private discussion with our local team.

Manila Sales TeamManila Talking in front of group

March 11, 2020 | Manila, Philippines

Coconut Oil Purification Seminar

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