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Achieving Extra-High Product Purity in Chemicals Production


Achieving Extra-High Product Purity in Chemicals Production - Effective Polishing with Hydrogenation 

Achieving the product purity customers require is essential for every producer of oxo-alcohols, caprolactam, HPPO, white oil, diols, and fatty alcohols. Reaching specifications makes your products valuable – and that is why the final “Polishing” process steps are so important. 

Join this free webinar for producers in Latin America and the Caribbean to learn how hydrogenation catalysts can boost your product purity. Even small improvements can amount to significant financial benefits from increased output and higher selling prices.

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Global Product Manager Dr. Nikolas Jacobsen will discuss:

  •    Hydrogenation Processes: How do they work in Chemicals Production?
  •    Hydrogenation Catalysts: Solutions for many Applications
  •    “Polishing” Steps: Ways to boost Product Purity
  •    Making your Polishing steps more effective with Nickel-based Hydrogenation Catalysts
  •    Live Q&A

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