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Formulating novel textures and surprising sensorials in Personal Care

Envisioning all aspects of your senses! This webinar is about creating appealing formulations capturing every aspect of touch and feel to please the five senses.

Spend 45 minutes with our experts to get a glimpse of our personal care ingredients: from natural emulsifiers to most innovative sensorial experiences. EOD alternatives, innovative and transformative textures, combinations of different sensorial profiles and natural options to create appealing and robust personal care products are covered.

  • Get an overview of our emollients and emulsifiers and compare them to market benchmarks
  • Be the first to access and navigate the "Clarify" Emulsifiers selection tool helping you to identify the perfect match for your formulation needs
  • Hear from formulation experts how you can achieve distinct sensory effects

Watch the on demand recording and see how you can bring new clarity and convenience to a crucial part of the cosmetic design process. > Register now!