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February 09, 2021 | 13:00 - 14:00 UTC-05:00 | Switzerland

Reshaping Personal Care: Novel Formulations for the Clean Beauty Consumer

Join Clariant at the first Clean Beauty Connect Webinar Series of 2021! Our panel will discuss topics such as ingredient transparency, evolving sustainability metrics, new self-care needs, and mindful minimalism.

Key focus points include:

  • What does clean beauty mean to today’s consumer in North America, and how are brands currenting meeting the evolving definition?
  • How do unique product formats enable effective delivery of relevant claims? (sustainability, multi-purpose, timesaving, self-care, health/safety)
  • What areas of product development & marketing positioning consideration make the biggest impact to reach consumers?
  • What are some examples of enabling product formats and how can they be relevant in today’s market + future/upcoming trends?
  • As brand and industry leaders, how do we prove results to consumers and convince them at Point of Purchase? How can claims substantiation be effectively used for this purpose?
  • Proving results to consumers at POP (point of purchase) – using claims substantiation effectively 

Jen Novakovich


Jen Novakovich is a cosmetic formulator and science communicator, director at The Eco Well. She runs a cosmetics science podcast, where she features conversations with scientists every week, a YouTube channel, where she hosts free interdisciplinary e-panel events monthly, and has launched several larger scale scicomm conferences, including the Green Beauty Night series. Jen holds two BScs, a diploma in cosmetic chemistry, and has interviewed hundreds of scientists between her podcast and panel events.  

Susanna Groth


Susanna is responsible for Chemberry’s marketing strategy and customer-facing product development. At this point in time, Chemberry is a matchmaker for brands and suppliers and offers information and contact lines to 800+ suppliers with 38,500+ products on a global level. She coordinates all marketing activities and is responsible to increase Chemberry’s brand awareness, user base and engagement on the platform. Today Chemberry is not only the most comprehensive index for personal care ingredients and services, but also has its own content system to give various deep dives into industry relevant topics. Susanna has a background in Human-Centered Design and Organizational management and work experience as Digital Business Model Creator at Clariant.

Stephanie Biagini


A passionate industry specialist, Stephanie L. Biagini, currently leads the MANA Innovation Team as the Senior Manager of Innovation. Starting her career in the cosmetics industry working for Avon Products Inc, she worked as a cosmetic chemist across multiple functions – from color to skincare to fine fragrances. From Avon, she moved to BASF, a chemical supplier for the cosmetic industry, managing color applications within the Application Technologies/Technical Service group for the Care Chemicals division. From there, she was chosen to carve out into BASF's Colors & Effects subsidiary; a subsidiary focused on the development of effect pigments for the cosmetics, industrial and automotive industries. With BASF Colors & Effects, she managed the NA Application Lab within the Expert Services team. In 2020, she moved to Mana.

Stephanie is active in the CEW and SCC. She attended undergraduate and graduate school at Fairleigh Dickinson University, receiving a BS in Chemistry and then an MS in Cosmetic Science. In 2018, she completed her MBA in Marketing from Fordham University. In her free time, she enjoys painting.

Hima Sadavrati


Hima is the Claims Substantiation Specialist at the Clariant Consumer Care Innovation Center for North America, based in New Jersey. She started her career in the pharmaceutical area and then slid into the cosmetic industry. She has held the roles in both upstream and downstream innovation and product development at consumer product goods companies. She specializes in formulation and claims for skin care and hair care need states. She holds a Master’s degree in Cosmetic Chemistry from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Perry Romanowski


Perry Romanowski is an independent cosmetic chemist who has spent over 25 years developing products in the personal care and cosmetic industry. He has worked on both hair and skin care products. He is currently Vice President of Element 44 Inc which specializes in science education. He is a long time instructor for the SCC continuing education program and has authored or edited 6 books in cosmetic science plus numerous articles. In 2009, Romanowski created the Practical Cosmetic Formulating online training program to provide cosmetic chemists continuing education across a broad range of formula categories. He served as the 2018 President of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) and most recently as the 2020 Chair of the Midwest SCC. He is currently the Education Committee Chair for the IFSCC. Previously, Romanowski worked for Alberto Culver serving as a senior project leader for hair care innovation. Additionally, he has made appearances on popular TV shows including the Dr. Oz show and the Rachel Ray show. Romanowski received his B.S. in Chemistry from DePaul University and also studied Biochemistry. He is the founder and creator of the website dedicated to teaching about cosmetic science.

February 09, 2021 | 13:00 - 14:00 UTC-05:00 | Switzerland

Reshaping Personal Care: Novel Formulations for the Clean Beauty Consumer

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