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The Curl Project: Real Talk About Textured Hair Care

Striving for real talk about the growing demand for differentiated textured hair products, we will take a scientific look at this market segment, formulation considerations, and the criticality of claims substantiation.

Find out about the latest concept from Clariant, The Curl Project, featuring 6 formulations that were thoughtfully crafted to put consumer needs for frizz control, manageability, and repair top of the attention agenda, and are proven to deliver.


Lynna Pili, Segment Marketing Manager, Personal Care – North America, Clariant

Lynna enthusiastically leads Segment Marketing for Personal Care at Clariant North America. Her career has spanned over ten years with experience at both CPG and B2B companies. She has held roles in both technical and commercial functions, ranging from product development and formulation, to marketing and product management. She is particularly passionate about hair and body care applications and the latest trends across the beauty industry. She is based in New Jersey and holds a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Rutgers University.

Hima Sadavrati, Claims Substantiation Specialist, Clariant

Hima is the Claims Substantiation Specialist at the Clariant Consumer Care Innovation Center for North America, based in New Jersey. She started her career in the pharmaceutical area and then slid into the cosmetic industry. She has held the roles in both upstream and downstream innovation and product development at consumer product goods companies. She specializes in formulation and claims for skin care and hair care need states. She holds a Master’s degree in Cosmetic Chemistry from Fairleigh Dickinson University.