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33rd Ethylene Producers' Conference

Meet us online at the 33rd Ethylene Producers' Conference 2021

We are looking forward to participating in the Ethylene Producers' Conference (EPC) that will take place virtually from April 18 – April 23, 2021 during the 2021 AIChE® Spring Meeting and 17th Global Congress on Process Safety. 

Apart from visiting us at our virtual booth you can also meet our product experts during the hosted networking sessions to learn more about our latest catalysts innovations. 

Should you have a specific question or would like to book a separate meeting, let us know by getting in touch with our Product Manager Carlos Vianna via the request form on the right. 

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Monday, April 19 12:30 PM CT (Social Hour Platform within EPC virtual conference)

Networking Table 1: Catalysis - Ask us Anything 

Meet our experts during this hour of networking to have your questions about catalysis in the ethylene industry answered. Start-ups, catalysts, operation, swapping, regeneration or contaminants – we look forward to the discussion.

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Tuesday, April 20 12:00 PM CT (Social Hour Platform within EPC virtual conference)

Networking Table 2: End Runaway Worries in C2FE 

We invite attendees to discuss their risk of runaway reactions. We will explore:

1) Why Clariant’s breakthrough OleMax 260 catalyst is bringing an end to many of these worries

2) How customers are pushing the limits of catalyst performance and operating conditions


For more information on the event including a detailed agenda and ticket information, you can visit the organizer’s website

We hope to see you online. 



Virtual Conference


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