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A zombie cell hacker & a skin barrier sustainability superhero

Clariant Active Ingredients will unveil its two new actives:

Ethience Protect, the sustainable skin barrier superhero from the Amazon forest

Targeting the three levels of skin barrier protection (lipid layer, stratum corneum and epidermis cohesion and structure), this active ingredient is sustainably sourced from Brazil nuts that are collected by local communities contributing to the protection of the Amazon forest. Ethience Protect brings new solutions for skin care products, adapted to the current customers’ needs for actives that will protect their skin from mask chafing and shaving fire.

Celyscence, the zombie cell hacker

By preventing senescence, killing senescent “zombie” cells, or reprogramming them so that they recover a non-senescent cells profile, Celyscence reaches a new level to offer solutions for well-aging and to increase women’s confidence in their own femininity.

Discover these two active ingredients and be inspired by our new formulations! Reloaded Beauty

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