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Nov 01-19, 2021

CPhI Worldwide 2021 - digital experience

At CPhI 2021 we present innovative, sustainable and trend-based solutions to support the changing needs of the pharmaceutical market.

Meet Clariant’s Pharmaceutical Experts virtual and discover our high-purity ingredients including a complete range of Polyglykols (Macrogols) our universally applicable pharmaceutical polymers, with various molecular weights, supported by CEP certification and DMF type II documentation as well as our new range of rheology modifiers.

Our experts are happy to connect with you during the digital event:

  • Nov 1 - 5,2021
  • Nov 15 -19, 2021


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Speaker: Dr. Bhushan Thekedar, Technical Application Manager Health Care

"Widely Used Solvent With Stringent Control of Microbial Load"

Low molecular weight Polyethylene glycols 300 & 400 are commonly used into formulations as solvents for APIs which are not soluble in water. For high risk applications stringent control of microbial load is absolutely essential. VitiPure™ LEX 300 and VitiPure™ LEX 400 offer relevant product specifications making them suitable for high risk applications.

Available on demand as of Nov 3

"Effective Solubilization & Bioavailability Enhancement of Poorly Water Soluble APIs"

Non-ionic solubilizers based on polysorbates, castor oil derivatives and poloxamer provide well established safety track record due to numerous OTC, Rx and dietary supplement products available on market. For formulators these classical solubilizers are first choice of excipients to improve the solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble APIs. The non-ionic solubilizers are proven very effective starting from simple o/w kind of formulations to innovative applications such as SEDDS, hot melt extrusion, spray drying etc. to improve the bioavailability of APIs.

Available on demand as of Oct 25 

Nov 01-19, 2021

CPhI Worldwide 2021 - digital experience


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