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UTECH Europe 2021, Nov 16 – 18

Meet our Flame Retardants Experts at UTECH Europe 2021

We are very excited to be a part of the UTECH Europe 2021 that takes place from November 16-18, 2021 in Maastricht, NL.

As a leading international exhibition and conference for the global polyurethanes industry, the event provides visitors with the opportunity to see the latest products, technologies, and innovations up close, network with suppliers from across the industry, and stay up to date with recent research and developments at the conference.

Visit our experts at Booth no. L16 to learn how Clariant’s halogen-free Exolit® flame retardants for rigid and flexible polyurethane foams and CASE systems can prove environmentally more compatible fire protection for transportation, construction and consumer applications. Our flame retardants enable compliance with stringent emission and migration requirements as they are either reactive or inorganic solids with low vapor pressure and low solubility.

Exolit® OP 550 and Exolit® OP 560 can achieve lower fogging and VOC levels that meet stringent emission standards for PU flexible foams in the automotive industry. Focusing on rigid PUR and PIR insulation foams, Exolit® AP 422 and Exolit® AP 462 are safer and more sustainable alternatives to volatile and scrutinized flame retardants such as halogenated and non-halogenated phosphate esters (e.g. TCPP).

We hope to see you in November.



MECC Maastricht


Forum 100

Maastricht, , Netherlands


  • Exolit® OP 550
    Clariant’s Exolit OP 550 is a flame retardant specifically designed for flexible polyurethane foams. The product is a reactive flame retardant that can be chemically reacted into the PU matrix, preventing unwanted migration from the material. Therefore, very stringent emission standards for PU flexible foams can be achieved. This makes the product suitable for low VOC applications, for example in the automotive industry. Exolit OP 550 is a medium-viscosity liquid, based on a non-halogenated phosphorus polyol with a functionality of approx. 2.
  • Exolit® OP 560
    Clariant’s Exolit OP 560 is a flame retardant specifically designed for flexible polyurethane foams. As a reactive flame retardant, it can be chemically reacted into the PU matrix, preventing unwanted migration from the material. Therefore, Exolit OP 560 allows meeting the most stringent VOC requirements of the automotive industry and has shown best-in-class performance in demanding low-emission applications. Exolit OP 560 is an easily-to-handle low-viscosity liquid, with a functionality of approx. 2.Exolit OP 560 has been confirmed as »an alternative anticipated to be safer for use in upholstered polyurethane foam« by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U. S. EPA, August 2015, EPA 744-R-15-002)
  • Exolit® AP 422
    Exolit AP 422 is a fine-particle ammonium polyphosphate (phase II) produced by a special method. The product is largely insoluble in water and completely insoluble in organic solvents. It is colorless, non-hygroscopic and non-flammable.
  • Exolit® AP 462
    Exolit AP 462 is a product based on ammonium polyphosphate. The crystal modification is phase II. It is manufactured from ammonium polyphosphate by micro-encapsulation with melamine resin according to Clariant’s own method. Therefore the fine white powder of Exolit AP 462 shows a very low solubility in water, even at elevated temperatures, compared to Exolit AP 422. Exolit AP 462 is completely insoluble in organic solvents. The product is non-hygroscopic and non-flammable.
  • Exolit® AP 750
    Exolit AP 750 is a non-halogenated flame retardant based on ammonium polyphosphate as main component, which develops its effectiveness through phosphorus/nitrogen synergism. In contrast to similar competitive material, it shows high processing stability. Exolit AP 750 differs in its mode of action from non phosphorus-based flame retardants (e. g. brominated, chlorinated or mineral FRs like ATH) by achieving its effect through intumescence. Material containing Exolit AP 750 will foam on exposure to flame. The carbon-rich foam layer so formed will protect the polymer and in many cases the substrate below through its heat-insulating effect, reduces further oxygen access and prevents dripping in case of a thermoplastic based formulation. Beyond the primary effects on fire behavior such as reduction of flame propagation rate, rate of heat release, dripping behavior, residual lengths of test specimens after flame tests etc., positive secondary fire effects such as low smoke density, no release of corrosive off-gases, lower formation of toxic smoke gases are of great interest.
  • Exolit® RP 6520
    Exolit RP 6520, is a brown-red paste, and is a thixotropic blend of castor oil with stabilized, microencapsulated red phosphorus. The paste form allows safe and simple handling and thus processing is made easier. The thixotropic nature of this concentrate hinders the sedimentation process and simplifies the re-homogenization after long storage periods.