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Boosting Polypropylene Production with Phthalate-Free Catalysts

Join our free webinar, Boosting Polypropylene Production with Phthalate-Free Catalysts, to learn more about how the latest PP catalyst technology can both enhance your plant operations and improve polymer quality.

During this session, experts from Clariant and Unipetrol PTA will focus on:

  • New and emerging trends in the Polypropylene industry 
  • Latest innovations in phthalate-free catalysts to help you reduce consumption and improve performance 
  • Improving polymer mechanical properties with phthalate-free catalysts
  • End user operational experience sharing: Process selection, operating conditions, and product properties required to obtain optimal productivity and quality. 


Felicitas Cokoja

Product Manager Polyproylene, Clariant Catalysts

Lenka Richter Lukesova

Application Expert Polyolefins, Clariant Catalysts

Jaromír Jelínek

Deputy Manager Polyolefin Plants, Unipetrol PTA


Event on demand available:

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