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Catalytic and Process Innovations for Optimizing Hydrogen and Ammonia Production

Join our free webinar with global Clariant, TechnipFMC and Navigance experts to learn more about how the latest catalyst innovations and digitalization can enhance your hydrogen & ammonia plant operation. Even small improvements can amount to significant financial benefits from reduced down-time, production increase and overall optimized plant efficiency.  


Norbert Ringer

Global Industry Expert Syngas (Clariant)

How to Improve the Performance of Your Reformer 

  • ReforMax® LDP Plus – Extremely Low Pressure Drop and High Activity
  • Best Practice Case Studies 
  • ReforSafE™ Service - Safe and Efficient Operation of the Steam Reformer

Stéphane Walspurger

Product Development Manager (TechnipFMC)

EARTH® - Lowering CO2 Emissions with Recuperative Steam Reforming Technology

  • EARTH – Enhanced Annular Reformer Tube for Hydrogen and Syngas Production 
  • Best Practice Case Study 
  • Your drop-in solution for substantial capacity increase 

Christian Berchthold

Global B2B Marketing Manager Syngas (Clariant)

A New Generation of Low Temperature Shift Catalysts

  • ShiftMax® 217 – High performance LTS Catalyst
  • Best Practice Case Studies
  • ShiftMax® 217 Plus – Ultra-low Methanol formation & outstanding physical strength

Stefan Gebert

Global Product Manager (Clariant)

A New Era of Ammonia Synthesis 

  • AmoMax® - The catalyst that changed the game of Ammonia Synthesis
  • AmoMax® 10 Plus – The best got better 
  • ActiSafE™ Service – The Next Level of Safe Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst Reduction

Lisa Krumpholz

Head of Sales (Navigance)

Process Optimization for Ammonia Production - Combining Data Science & Process Know-How 

  • Advantages of cloud-based hybrid process models
  • How a data-driven assessment uncovers optimization potential in your plant 

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