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IMO 2020 & COVID-19: How Clariant's Refinery additives help keep ships at sea

Since January 1, 2020 the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has put new regulation standards into place limiting the sulphur content of marine fuel. At the beginning of the year, these new standards started to present the refining, bunker fuel, and shipping industries with multiple challenges. The uncertainty in the industry since the onset of COVID-19 and the oil price developments has since further impacted how the industry will tackle the challenges IMO 2020 brings.

Join our Clariant Refinery Services experts to learn more about IMO 2020 and COVID-19, as they answer the following questions:

  • How will the IMO 2020 regulations continue to impact refinery and marine fuel industry operations? 
  • How has COVID-19 & the oil price development impacted IMO2020? 
  • What are the technical challenges associated with the new bunker fuel oil compositions? 
  • How are additive packages ensuring fuel stability and compatibility while meeting pour point specifications? 

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