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Humidity Indicators: Discover a sustainable alternative that is halogen & cobalt dichloride free

Are humidity indicators part of your supply network? 

Join us to learn about the sustainable alternative technologies in humidity indication and how they can affect your supplier sustainability initiatives.

Clariant's Global Topic Expert for Humidity Indicator Technologies will present the fascinating history of humidity indicators, common challenges, the latest industry regulations, and the sustainable alternative technology in humidity indication - the Humitector® Type 2 halogen and cobalt dichloride free non-reversible humidity indicator card.

Additionally, our Global Head of Innovation & Sustainability will present a brief overview of Clariant’s Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability


Michelle Martin

Head of Operations for North America. Global Topic Expert for Humidity Indicator Technologies, Clariant BU Functional Minerals

With over 35 years of experience in active and intelligent packaging and as a global expert in humidity indicator technologies, Michelle's passion stems from a long family history dating back to 1948 when her grandfather, Rear Admiral Welford C. Blinn, invented the color change humidity indicator and later formed the Humidial Company based in Colton, California. After graduating, with a business degree from Lewis & Clark College, Michelle joined her grandfather, and today remains at the helm. She not only continues her grandfather's legacy but throughout her career, she has led a plethora of projects to continuously innovate and improve on the sustainability of the existing indicating technology, including the latest patented invention, the Humitector™ Type 2 halogen and cobalt dichloride free non-reversible humidity indicator card. Michelle has held various leadership roles, helped lead her team through many successful company acquisitions, and is currently the Head of Operations for North America and the Global Topic Expert for Humidity Indicator Technologies. 

Michelle was born and raised in the United States of America and lives with her husband. They are proud parents of two children, a university student, and the other which follows Michelle‘s grandfather's footsteps as an officer in the United States Navy. 

Nina Karpynec

Global Head of Innovation & Sustainability, Clariant BU Functional Minerals

Sustainability is a core strategic topic of Clariant, and so is it for its Business Unit Functional Minerals: Sustainability plays an important role in every step of its value chain: from mining and recultivation of mines over efficient production sites to the whole mineral based product portfolio. There are plenty of projects going on to reduce emissions, directly from operations but also for example indirectly for purchased goods. And also the product portfolio is being shaped towards sustainability together with Functional Minerals’ customers: together we want to reduce pollution, revalorize waste, enable a circular economy and safer and non-toxic chemicals and products are central topics, therefore. Nina studied business chemistry at the university of Ulm, Germany and held various commercial roles from Sales over Marketing to Product Management at Cognis GmbH and BASF SE before heading Functional Minerals’ Application Development department in EMEA as well as being currently responsible for Innovation & Sustainability globally for the Business Unit. 

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