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Increasing Sustainability in Copper Processing by Floating Slag Waste Streams

Interested in learning about the latest innovations in mining sustainability?

Spend 30 minutes with Clariant Mining Solution's experts as they discuss increasing sustainability in copper processing by floating slag waste streams. In this webcast you can expect to get an overview on:

  • General copper processing routes and opportunities to increase sustainability by targeting slag waste streams for additional copper recovery and minimizing waste
  • Slag formation, composition, and processing
  • Flotation of Copper slag with Clariant reagents

As creating value with sustainability is a core focus for Clariant Mining Solutions, we are excited to discuss how targeting the reuse of slag waste streams to extract more valuable minerals supports a circular economy model. By designing out waste, a more resilient system is created that provides environmental benefits and supports a more sustainable operation overall. 

Stay tuned following the technical presentation for a Q&A session in which a panel of our experts will be available. We hope to have you join us we continue to explore ways in which we can partner with you to help meet your operation's sustainability targets. Register today!

Event on demand available:

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