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December 10, 2021 | Switzerland

The perfect recipe for purifying every feedstock (English)

Purification of bio- and renewable-diesel requires special adsorbents for efficient, sustainable conversion in downstream production processes. Renewable feedstocks pose challenges from two sides: the refinery should handle blends, and the quality of them are not regular. 

Since renewable feedstocks used vary in availability and quality, i.e. they contain different levels of contaminants with diverse physical properties, it is vital to have the right adsorbent for your feedstock type, process conditions and refining targets. Clariant offers a comprehensive range of solutions for biofuels to improve final product quality. We provide abroad portfolio to address your specific refining needs –at optimized total cost of ownership (TCO). In this session, we will mainly focus on biodiesel production from palm oil, an alternative and promising feedstock for further diversification of the biodiesel production in the global market.


Dedy Ricardo, ST

Technical Sales Manager Bleaching Earth - SEAP Region, Clariant

Dedy Ricardo studied Chemical Engineering with Biomass and Energy Conversion focus at Institute Technology of Sepuluh November, Indonesia. Starting professional career as Palm Oil Refinery Production and Project Supervisor then continued as Application and Development in Oil, Gas and Mining company before heading Functional Minerals’ Purification segment Technical and Sales in SEAP region.

Nina Karpynec 

Global Head of Innovation & Sustainability, Clariant BU Functional Minerals

Sustainability is a core strategic topic of Clariant, and so is it for its Business Unit Functional Minerals: Sustainability plays an important role in every step of its value chain: from mining and recultivation of mines over efficient production sites to the whole mineral based product portfolio. There are plenty of projects going on to reduce emissions, directly from operations but also for example indirectly for purchased goods. And alsothe product portfolio is being shaped towards sustainability together with Functional Minerals’ customers: together we want to reduce pollution, revalorize waste, enable a circular economy and safer and non-toxic chemicals and products are central topics, therefore.

Nina studied business chemistry at the university of Ulm, Germany and held various commercial roles from Sales over Marketing to Product Management at Cognis GmbH and BASF SE before heading Functional Minerals’ Application Development department in EMEA as well as being currently responsible for Innovation& Sustainability globally for the Business Unit. 

Fahmi Kresmagus 

Technical Sales Manager Adsorbents SEAP, Clariant BU Functional Minerals

Bio-based fuel is one of the alternative green energy sources, as it is a renewable and a sustainable energy source produced by plants, agricultural, non-edible food waste, domestic wastes, and many more, which are used for different purposes. Biofuel/renewable energies are not only sources of clean, inexhaustible but now increasingly also of competitive energies. 

As a regular visitor to the oil refineries in the region, Fahmi noticed green energy and green mobility are topics that people currently have their interest and focus on and are in cohesion with sustainability. These learnings lead Fahmi to start a project in advanced biofuel for the region back in 2019 and Clariant has put their best effort since then to support making green energy an achievable goal with the best and at the same time affordable solution available. 

Fahmi gained his master’s degree at the university of Otto von Guericke Magdeburg, Germany majoring in Chemical and Energy Engineering and joined Clariant in an international graduate program with commercial and technical responsibility. After completion, he was managing sales and marketing for the Business Segment BTX and Jet Fuel Purification for the region SEAP and currently being responsible as a sales manager for the Edible and Biofuel Purification Business Segment also leading several projects related to them.

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December 10, 2021 | Switzerland

The perfect recipe for purifying every feedstock (English)

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