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Suppliers to the coatings industry have a collective responsibility to develop sustainable solutions for future generations. As leading suppliers to this industry, Allnex and Clariant are working to support and accelerate the development of these changes. In this webinar, both companies will provide an overview of their sustainability programs and present the latest technical solutions for the Powder Coatings Industry. 

Rob Watson and Alessandro Minesso from Allnex’s Powder Coating Resins BU will give an overview of the trends driving Powder Coatings and will focus on key low bake resin technologies. 

Tobias Niederleitner from Clariant Business Unit Additives, will present Wax solutions to tackle the latest concerns surrounding PFOA & PTFE and Jean-Yves Desrats from Business Line Performance Additives will highlight label-free solutions for light and heat stabilization. Join us in changing the future.

  • Waxes for Powder Coatings
    Powder-coated surfaces are known for their superior toughness and can be given a wide variety of sheens and textures. Our wax additives help to protect the surfaces and control the appearance and touch of cured powder coatings. They also enhance the manufacturing process and storage stability of powder coatings, enabling higher throughput and quality.
  • Light Stabilizers for Powder Coatings
    Clariant provides powerful additive solutions to make sure these coatings stay tough, even if the going gets rough! They are usable for a broad range of powder resins, such as polyester or polyester/epoxy binders and usable with Primid® products. The additives comprise not only light stabilizer solutions, but also antioxidants, thus preventing gas fading and thermal yellowing of powder coatings.

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