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TAE 23rd International Tribology Colloquium 2022

Polyglycols as high performance base oil components in modern greases

The industry growth and rise in automation triggers the need for improved quality greases with tailored properties to enhance the performance of equipment. Simultaneously, there is a significant demand for environmentally friendly greases to meet the worldwide sustainability efforts. The base oils are a major component in greases and influences several important properties of the final product.

This talk discusses the relevant properties of polyglycols and how these synthetic base oils can meet the requirements of the grease formulators focusing on the following properties:

  • low and high temperature behavior,
  • material and oil/oil compatibility,
  • lubrication properties,
  • heat transfer and electrical properties, and
  • sustainability aspects.

Several grease formulations are showcased and how of some above-mentioned properties of polyglycols translate to the final grease properties.

The presentation shows, the polyglycols offer a lot of development opportunities in grease application with respect to both performance and sustainability.