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7th Leipzig Symposium „Vegetable Oils in a Circular Economy”

The industry needs carbonaceous raw materials to produce organic chemicals and the products made from them.

At present, these are predominantly fossil raw materials such as crude mineral oil, coal, and natural gas. To achieve sustainable development the search for alternatives is necessary and ongoing. Vegetable oils play a key role in this process, for example to produce ‘green aviation fuel’ – based on HVO (hydrogen treated vegetable oil).

This symposium wants to discuss what is already ongoing in the industry and what modifications of processes/product specifications are needed to meet the targets.

Join the presentation of our colleague Vinicius Celinski on May 10 on the topic "Adsorptive pretreatment of vegetable oil for HVO application”

See you in Leipzig!


Pentahotel Leipzig
Grosser Brockhaus 3

Leipzig, Germany