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Jun 07-08, 2022 | Milanofiori, Italy

H3i Milano

At H3i, we meet with the leading Home and Industrial Care ingredients suppliers, equipment manufacturers and service providers. Join us at our booth 202 and learn more about our product highlights

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GlucoPure Sense, a sustainable solution for laundry

June 7, 15:50, Arena 4

by Gesche Rauch - Technical Application Manager Industrial & Home Care EMEA

Bio-based segregated ethylene oxide derivatives for home care

June 8, 11:00, Arena 4

by Gesche Rauch - Technical Application Manager Industrial & Home Care EMEA

Ingredient highlights

VITA range products

Our new VITA range of fully segregated, 100% bio-based, carbon reducing surfactants and PEGs set a new standard in green surfactants.

VITA is our green carbon solution for helping to restore the earth's carbon balance. When comparing the value chain of conventional surfactants and those of our VITA range, it’s easy to see the difference. Instead of starting with crude oil and ending up with 100% fossil carbon, VITA starts from plants and leads to 100% renewable-based results.

GlucoPure Sense

GlucoPure Sense is a co-surfactant from the Glucamide family based on sunflower oil grown and harvested in Europe. It delivers unparalleled mildness to hand dishwashing liquid detergents, with the additional benefits of allowing for non-irritant label formulations.

Jun 07-08, 2022 | Milanofiori, Italy

H3i Milano


NH Milano Congress Centre

Booth 202

Milanofiori, Italy

  • Bio-based and segregated surfactants
    Vita surfactants can help save up to 85% of CO₂ emissions compared to their fossil counterparts.
  • Sugar surfactants home care
    GlucoPure® is the new generation of sugar surfactants (Glucamides) for highly performing dishwashing liquids / washing-up liquids.
  • Laundry
    We offer laundry ingredients such as bleach systems to improve the pretreatment performance, additives for protecting colors and avoiding soil redeposition.

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