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Hard surface cleaning with Aristocare Smart: Performance demonstration

During this event, visualize a demonstration of Aristocare™ Smart performance run in our lab by adding the ingredient in a market product. 

Our team will be there to take your questions and comments.

In today's modern world, convenience is key. This need for convenience permeates most basic tasks, such as cleaning our homes. Despite the recent undoubted progress in the quality of household care products, there is still room for cleaning products to fully leverage cutting-edge developments in chemical innovations in order to make cleaning a more efficient task.

 In response to this, Clariant developed a high-performance, multi-purpose hydrophilic polymer for surface cleaning. This innovative cleaning additive can be added to all types of surface cleaners to deliver not only high-quality results but also to maintain the cleanliness of surfaces for longer.

Cleaners comprising this new polymer can now combat

  • soils, including soap scum
  • lime scale and
  • burnt fat buildup
  • spots and streaks from cleaning product and also from tap water are reduced significantly.

  • Hard surface cleaning
    Glass, metal, stone, or any other surface, we can provide specific solutions for all your hard surface cleaning needs.
  • Surface care polymers
    The Aristocare Smart surface modification polymer has made treating surfaces such as ceramics, glass, and stainless steel a lot smarter.