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Jun 27-28, 2022 | Munich, Germany

International Sustainable Economy Forum 2022

The ISEF is an exceptional event and a new platform for bringing together all actors dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable economy. It offers a forum for pointing out current obstacles and challenges to the realization of a sustainable economy, including bioeconomy, which is as independent of fossil fuels as possible. At the same time, approaches and interesting solutions for the elimination of these hurdles are proposed. The ISEF strives to interweave the participants in order to launch productive collaborations during and after the conference. These collaborations may include R&D projects, but also associations of interest groups with the aim of promoting a sustainable economy with all effective, permissible means. 

Make sure to register for the conference to learn more about Clariant’s view of cellulosic biofuels and biochemicals produced from agricultural residues and how they play a role in reducing the carbon footprint with focus on downstream opportunities into bio-based chemicals and sustainable aviation fuel.

There will be two presentations by our speakers:

June 27th at 10.30 AM: sunliquid® technology - low carbon cellulosic ethanol for sustainable mobility

June 28th at 10.15 AM: Clariant's catalysis technologies enable a sustainable hydrogen economy and CO2 usage


Christian Librera

Head of Clariant's Business Line

Biofuels & Derivatives

Norbert Ringer

Global Methanol Industry Director,

Clariant Catalysts

Jun 27-28, 2022 | Munich, Germany

International Sustainable Economy Forum 2022


hbw Conference Center Munich
Max-Joseph-Straße 5

Munich, Germany

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