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June 15, 2022 | 3072 AM Rotterdam , Netherlands

Pre media event K 2022

Clariant additives for plastics - For a greater between

Progressing circularity, the bio-economy, climate protection – these top priorities for the plastics industry are ours too. At K 2022 discover how we’re partnering up on the challenges of closing plastic and packaging cycles, reducing carbon footprint and emissions, and encouraging responsible resource consumption.

Our additive solutions not only bring greater chemistry to plastics, they’re the innovative “between” helping value chains to solve challenges, hit sustainability targets and drive change. Their ability to enable higher-performing materials connects us and our customers, people and the planet, on the path to creating plastics destined for reuse and multi-loop recycling, not waste. Sustainable bio-based products open opportunities for low carbon footprint alternatives in more and more areas. While technologies fundamental to CO₂ and resource-use reduction, like e-mobility, renewable energies, and even efficient home appliances, can become safer and sustainable too.

Meet us at K to discuss how we can help you accelerate sustainable plastics:

  • Our steps to deliver sustainable additives
  • Innovation to advance viable recycling, improve product circularity, and support the bio-economy
  • EcoCircle collaborations and ongoing partnerships unlocking positive impacts and ending plastic waste

BU Additives' solutions are not only in greater chemistry, but also in the between. They are the invisible helpers that perform important functions between other ingredients and create new, better compounds. Between chemical elements. Between us and the customers and between people and planet.

Speaker Information

Clariant Image Speaker Richard Haldimann

Richard Haldimann

Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer
Clariant International LTD

Clariant Image Speaker Francois High Res 20220614

Francois Bléger

Global Head of Clariant Business Unit Additives

June 15, 2022 | 3072 AM Rotterdam , Netherlands

Pre media event K 2022


3072 AM Rotterdam , Netherlands


  • Circular Economy for Plastics
    Increasing awareness of limited natural resources has generated support for the circular economy as a necessary alternative to the current linear economic model. Clariant has therefore launched a global circular plastics economy initiative, highlighting circularity as one of the key sustainability topics at Clariant. We at Clariant Additives are striving to support our customers in this field and we want to contribute to a circular plastics economy with our solutions.
  • Renewable Feedstock​
    Products with significant (at least 50% RCI) content based on renewable resources with a mass-balance certification or real renewable content
  • Additives and Adsorbents
    The Additives business unit is a major supplier of flame retardants, performance additives and advanced surface solutions for functional effects in plastics, coatings, inks and consumer applications.

Clariant sustainability

  • Going full circle
    It is no longer a secret that the straightest line to a sustainable future runs in a circle. At Clariant we are committed to supporting the vision of a more circular economy through sustainable and innovative chemistry.
  • Bio Economy
    Our commitment to a sustainable and circular bio economy reflects our goals to develop innovative, sustainable, and bio-based chemicals, as well as achieve our ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets.
  • Product Sustainability Designators
    Responding to market and customer demand, Clariant highlights products for renewables, water savings and plastics circularity with sustainability trade names.

EcoCircle/ circularity thought leadership

  • Discover EcoCircle
    EcoCircle is our initiative for supporting the transition of the one-way plastics value chain to a circular plastics economy.
  • Recycling plastics
    In classical mythology, fire is a gift to humanity from the gods. In our present day and age, it may help us solve our problems with plastic waste. Bettina Siggelkow, EcoCircle Program Manager at Clariant, tells us about the fascinating new recycling technology of pyrolysis, and how Clariant contributes to making it work.
  • Advancing plastics recycling
    One of the most important Sustainable Development Goals the international community pursues concerns better handling of resources and waste. New methods of plastics recycling, often called advanced recycling, can substantially contribute – and so can Clariant by improving their chemistry.

Product carbon footprints

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