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Synergen DRT Webinar

Drones are the future. In Asia Pacific, Crop spraying drones are increasing in popularity and will replace the traditional backpack sprayers, offering farmers a safer, faster, and cheaper way of crop spraying. However, the lower water volumes and greater height/force of application associated with drones also introduce many technical challenges.

Introducing Synergen DRT – a tank mix adjuvant in Clariant’s new “Drop forward” range. In the many experimental trials conducted, Synergen DRT helps to ensure that crop spraying via drones achieves the same efficacy as compared to application via ground or backpack sprayers. Synergen DRT reduces the drift and volatility and eliminates solubility and compatibility problems of pesticides in the tank. Additionally, Synergen® DRT is label-free and environmentally friendly.

Join our Application Development Manager, Dr. Iuri Dario in the webinar to find out more!

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