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Oct 31 - Nov 03, 2022 | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Clariant Oil Services invites you to join us at ADIPEC 2022. Visit our experts in Hall 8, booth 8252 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre to learn more about our exceptional range of products and more environmentally acceptable formulations.

Clariant Oil Services has launched the D3 PROGRAM to introduce more sustainable solutions to the oil and gas industry. The initiative leverages advances in the oilfield and helps operators reduce carbon emissions and enhance safe operations, while avoiding disruptions to ongoing operations.  

Technical Papers to be presented during the Conference

“Asphaltene Inhibitor Screening of Next Generation: Automated High Throughput Experimentation Method”

A. Punase, M. Kaba, K. Addis, L. Kemp, J.J. Wylde

“Novel Sulfide Scale Inhibitor Successfully Averts Challenging Sulfide Scale Deposition in Permian and Williston Unconventional Basins”

C. Okocha, A.R. Thornton, J.J. Wylde

“State-of- The Art Corrosion Inhibitor Development To Mitigate Pitting Corrosion In The Presence Of Elemental Sulfur And Poly Sulfides In Sour Oil And Gas Systems”,

Obeyesekere, N.U., et al

“Application of a Rigorous Scale Prediction Workflow to The Analysis of CaCO3  Scaling in an Extreme Acid Gas, High Temperature, Low Watercut Onshore Field in East Java, Indonesia”

A.R. Thornton, G. Ness, K.S. Sorbie, M. Gough, R. Akbar, J.J. Wylde

“Calcite Scale Mitigation in a Very Low Watercut, Low Salinity, HPHT Environment: Lessons Learned in Surveillance, Mitigation and Scale Inhibitor Performance Monitoring for an Onshore Field” [POSTER]

J.J. Wylde, A.R. Thornton, M. Gough, R. Akbar

Oct 31 - Nov 03, 2022 | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates




Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Learn about Clariant's innovative D3 PROGRAM and the infinite possibilities it offers to the oil industry. Based on our core pillars – Decarb, Densify, and Detox – the D3 PROGRAM relies on customized solutions to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and improve safe operations.
  • EMEA Technical Center
    The Dubai Science Park has been chosen as the home to the newly established facility to support the Clariant Oil Services’ business in the EMEA. The EMEA Technical Center will be enabled with the latest equipment and resourced by seasoned Clariant scientists focusing on three competencies: Corrosion, Scale and Flow Assurance.

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