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Oil the performance of your greases

A grease formulator must consider many criteria when selecting the proper components when manufacturing a grease. The selection includes a variety of parameters such as choosing the oil type and viscosity, thickener type, additives, the stability of the entire composition and the application conditions.

Clariant’s presentations focus on synthetic oils, generically called polyalkylene glycols (PAGs).

In our webinar, you will learn:

  • How to navigate the Clariant portfolio for grease applications
  • The structure and relevant properties of PAGs
  • The added values of synthetic oils when formulating automotive, biodegradable, food approved as well as many other greases
  • How Clariant’s portfolio meets your performance and sustainability requirements

Our speakers are:

Dr. Cristina Shitco, Technical Application Manager EMEA

Dr. David Schäffel, Global Marketing Segment Leader

Dr. Simon Aben, Global Launch Manager