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Discover the full potential of a universal dispersing agent

There are so many different pigments available in the market and even more dispersing agents to disperse them. In this complex world, we have developed Dispersogen® Flex 100 as a universal dispersing agent for organic and inorganic pigments, including carbon black and titanium dioxide. As a 100% active product with a perfect sustainability profile, Dispersogen® Flex 100 will simplify your life in preparing high performance waterborne pigment preparations for all kind of pigments, well suitable for tinting water-based as well as solvent-based paint systems.

In this webinar, you will get to know:
  • the challenges in obtaining high performance pigment preparations
  • the strong performances of Dispersogen® Flex 100 in pigment preparation: focus on application testing
  • the sustainability profile and example of savings with Dispersogen® Flex 100
  • Universal dispersing agent
    The Universal dispersing agent assures formulators with high performance pigment preparations. Dispersogen Flex 100 is sustainable and 100 % active solution.