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Explore ClariCoat – Clariant’s new digital assistant for choosing the right additive for your paints

Identifying the right additive which matches paint formulation performance to customer needs can be very time consuming and expensive. With this in mind we have developed ClariCoat, our new digital assistant to help paint formulators tackle these challenges. The newly built app allows customized property selection, covering a wide range of performance criteria from liquid paint stability and workability to sustainability, to name only a few. Once the criteria selection is complete, the product recommendation engine proposes the most suitable Clariant additives based on real lab data. The unique combination of product recommendation with real performance results gives every paint formulator a head-start in tackling their paint issues or developing new coating solutions.


Learning objectives:

  • You will discover ClariCoat, our digital app, and learn to work with it
  • You will deep-dive with us into the functionalities of ClariCoat
  • You will be introduced to a case study on how the right additive for a paint system is found