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Jun 07-08, 2023 | Surabaya, Indonesia

ICI Surabaya

New ingredient launches

Biodegradable rheology modifier - Aristoflex Eco T

The beauty industry’s increasing focus on environmental sustainability and natural formulations requires alternatives to synthetic rheology modifiers. However, the performance drawbacks of natural thickeners can present a challenge to formulators aiming to create products with luxurious textures and skin feel. The new readily biodegradable rheology modifier combines the performance of synthetic polymers and sustainability of biopolymers, giving formulators the freedom to make sustainable and highly appealing end-consumer products.

Versatile emollient based on renewable raw materials - Plantasens Pro LM

Based on 100% renewable raw materials, readily biodegradable and COSMOS approved: This novelty emollient with high viscosity and low spreadability creates an indulging experience during application and a rich and caring skin feel. Compatible with a wide range of oils and waxes and excellent compatibility with organic sun filters, this emollient is the perfect choice for various body and face care formulations.

A root extract that mimics sunlike effects - Rootness Mood+

This new active ingredient comes from a co-development done with our partner Plant Advanced Technologies and is made from a root extract of a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine, cultivated in aeroponics conditions. This technology made it possible to find active molecules in the roots that have never been previously documented. Thanks to this, the active targets skin’s wellbeing due to a sunlight-mimicking effect.

The eco-friendly eye contour illuminator - Rootness Awake

The eyes are key elements of facial expression and communicate our deepest emotions. But the eye contour has the thinnest skin of the body, which makes it particularly fragile. This is one of the first places where signs of fatigue and aging appear. Taking good care of this fragile area is crucial for maintaining a rested and youthful overall appearance. To efficiently reduce dark circles and under-eye bags, Clariant Active Ingredients developed Rootness Awake, a new active ingredient obtained from an eco-friendly process.

A responsibly sourced natural alternative to CBD - Beracare CBA

Made from a blend of two powerful oils responsibly sourced in the Amazon ecosystem, this active ingredient activates the cannabinoid receptors CB2 to soothe the skin and thus improve the wellbeing of sensitives skins.

Technical Seminar

Thursday June 8th 10:00 – 10:45 / Room 2

The Joyologist : Bring Joy to the skin and the mood with Clariant Natural Ingredients

Speaker: Victoria Pang

Jun 07-08, 2023 | Surabaya, Indonesia

ICI Surabaya


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Surabaya, Indonesia

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