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Ammonia Nitrate and Nitric Acid Conference​

The global ANNA conference has become truly international in the past 17 years, with representatives from all continents. In 2023, the conference takes place in Varna, Bulgaria. The extensive agenda offers highly technical presentations, round tables to discuss issues faced in the industry, possibilities to exchange between exhibitors and producers and will be a fantastic networking opportunity for all the participants.

The latest agenda can be found here.

Apart from the technical content, you will also get the change to discover the Euxinograd Castle during the Gala Reception on Monday or join a Plant Tour on Wednesday to disover the production facilities of Agropolychim, the host of this year's conference.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Clariant at our Booth and talk to our experts about our state-of-the-art N2O Abatement Processes​ in Nitric Acid Plants​.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Jovica Zorjanovic

Senior Sales Manager • Specialties

Mobile +49 160 15 61 145

Phone +49 89 5110 500


Astor Garden Hotel
Saints Constantine and Helena

9006 Varna, Bulgaria


Further Information about our Catalysts

  • EnviCat N2O-S
    The catalyst EnviCat N2O-S removes nitrous oxide (N2O) from the off-gas of nitric acid (HNO3) plants. Nitrous oxide – also known as happy gas or laughing gas – is around 300 times more harmful to the climate than CO2. EnviCat N2O-S is a so-called “secondary abatement catalyst”: it is installed in the ammonia oxidation reactor directly underneath the primary precious metal gauze pack in a reactor basket.
  • EnviCat® N2O
    The EnviCat N2O catalyst removes nitrous oxide (N2O) from the tail gas of nitric acid plants. Nitrous oxide – commonly known as happy gas or laughing gas – is extremely harmful for our climate because of its about 25 times greater longevity in the earth's atmosphere than CO2. The catalyst removes nearly all of the nitrous oxide from the tail gas of nitric acid plants. It also renders innocuous other nitrogen oxides (often called NOx) that represent a considerable pollution threat. The nitrous oxide is converted in two stages: in the first stage, the nitrous oxide is decomposed to oxygen and nitrogen with the aid of the catalyst EnviCat N2O. In the second stage, the nitrogen oxides are mixed with ammonia to produce harmless nitrogen and water. N2O and NOx are reduced in this process by ammonia and/or short-chain alkanes like methane or propane yielding nitrogen as harmless product.
  • EnviCat®
    Reducing harmful emissions