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Sep 06-08, 2023 | United States

Coatings Trends & Technologies

The Coatings Trends & Technologies Summit (CTT) is an annual Midwest conference for both liquid and powder coatings formulators and manufacturers to discuss innovations in coatings technology. This two-day conference combines high-quality technical presentations, a resource-rich exhibit hall, and dedicated networking opportunities to connect scientific minds, foster innovation, and cultivate game-changing new ideas!

Technical Presentation Spotlight:

Thursday, Sept. 7 | 1:05 to 1:35 PM

Towards a Safer and Sustainable Future: a Breakthrough in Antistatic Additives for Coating and Adhesive Applications

Antistatic additives play a crucial role in preventing processing issues, safety hazards, and electrical defects by reducing or eliminating electrostatic charge in coatings. They enhance conductivity, ensuring quick and safe dissipation of the charge to safeguard sensitive electronic equipment from ESD damage. The choice of antistatic additive depends on specific coating and application requirements such as substrate material, desired conductivity level, and processing conditions. Ammonium salts are the most common antistatic additives but have several drawbacks such as high toxicity, skin sensitivity, and metal corrosion. Clariant is developing an eco-friendly, renewable antistatic solution that is free from amine and amide, with superior toxicological profile compared to ammonium salts. This study will present the latest findings on this new development.


Mouhcine Kanouni, Senior Technical Business Development Manager

Sep 06-08, 2023 | United States

Coatings Trends & Technologies


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