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Mar 12-14, 2024 | Bangkok, Thailand

Victam Asia 2024

Meet us at Victam Asia at Bangkok and learn more about our innovative products.


Aflatoxin is the most harmful fungal toxin and can be fatal even in very small doses. It can enter the animal’s blood stream through the digestive tract and is ingested by humans via the consumption of meat, milk and eggs.

With its dense, layered structure and extremely large negatively charged surface area TOXISORB™ Classic can bind the toxin molecules permanently before they can harm the animal’s organism. The immobilized toxins are removed from the animal´s gut with the excrement and no longer remain in the food chain.


Due to its open spatial structure and a combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic surface properties, almost up to 90 % of the presently known toxins can be adsorbed by TOXISORB Premium.

Even the large Endotoxin and Enterotoxin molecules that are produced by bacteria in the digestive tract can be removed. These remarkable properties of TOXISORB™ Premium are caused by a unique composition of natural minerals and a sophisticated production process.


Ranging from pharmaceutical ingredients to rubber processing, a plethora of industries and applications benefit from the unique properties of this remarkable material.

Our specialty products include:

TERRANA® bentonite powders, which are applied in the purification processes for both waste water treatment and drinking water preparation.

Mar 12-14, 2024 | Bangkok, Thailand

Victam Asia 2024


Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre: BITEC

Booth No. N022

Bangkok, Thailand

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