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Apr 30 - May 02, 2024 | Indianapolis, IN , United States

American Coatings Show 2024


Clariant aims to turn heads at ACS by showcasing its sustainable, high-performing, and innovative solutions that are simplifying the complexities of coatings, paints, and ink formulations.

Explore our selection tool, ClariCoat, a powerful digital consultant that integrates technical expertise for developing customized solutions and helps identify the best paint additives for each customer’s formulation needs. Learn about our wetting and dispersing agents that extend the open time of water-based acrylic and polyurethane lacquers while enhancing other crucial properties, such as gloss, leveling, and sag resistance.

Discover sustainable alternatives to replace substances of concern. Clariant’s PTFE-free solutions even feature a bio-based wax blend with proven success in replacing PE/PTFE additives for abrasion- or rub-resistant, future-proof coatings and printing inks. Plus, we’ll unveil how sealant durability enhancer AddWorks IBC 760 offers a novel opportunity to boost coatings’ performance and addresses more stringent segment regulations.

Our experts look forward to connecting with you at booth 2846 to enlighten, collaborate, and explore the possibilities of our sustainably evolved solutions.

TUESDAY, APRIL 30 | 11:20 - 11:35 A.M.

PTFE-free and sustainable solutions for coatings and inks presented by Tobias Niederleitner, Head of Marketing – Coatings & Inks 

WEDNESDAY, MAY 1 | 1:00 - 1:15 P.M.

Bio-based VITA products – maximum sustainability benefit without impacting performance presented by Mark Coward, Business Development Manager – Paints & Coatings 

Apr 30 - May 02, 2024 | Indianapolis, IN , United States

American Coatings Show 2024


Indiana Convention Center

Booth 2846

100 S. Capitol Ave.

Indianapolis, IN , United States

  • Coatings, paints and inks
    Clariant is a global provider of specialty chemicals for the paints & coatings industry including paint additives, waxes, and pigments for coatings.
  • Paint formulation web application – ClariCoat
    ClariCoat, Clariant’s new digital platform, provides customized paint additive recommendation based on real lab test results
  • extending open time in paints
    The time during which freshly applied paints remain wet enough to correct brush and lap marks is commonly referred to as open time.
  • Bio-based and segregated surfactants
    Vita surfactants can help save up to 85% of CO₂ emissions compared to their fossil counterparts.
  • Licocare® Rice Bran Waxes
    Rice bran wax Licocare® RBW Vita from Clariant - Get future-ready and secure your supply chain with the natural alternative to montan & synthetic waxes.
  • Licocare® Rice Bran Waxes Coatings and Inks
    Licocare RBW making the things of our lives prettier and longer-lasting. (environmental-friendly, surface)
  • Ceridust® 8170 M TP
    Modified PE Wax
    Revolutionary PTFE free agent for powder coatings to create structuring effects in the powder coating formulation.
  • PTFE-free alternatives by Clariant
    High-quality PTFE-free solutions with sustainable raw materials for coatings and inks, to handle different types of surfaces with scratch resistance, slip modification, and matting effects.
  • Elevating printing sustainability: navigating beyond PTFE inks
    Sustainability challenges are driving the demand for PTFE-free additives as consumers increasingly look for more environmentally friendly alternatives such as Ceridust® 8330.
  • AddWorks® IBC 760
    Outstanding light and heat stabilizer for Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) Sealants
    AddWorks IBC 760 is a mixture of a UV absorber, hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) and antioxidant without any hazard labeling and designed to provide outstanding performance in SMP sealants in terms of light and heat stabilization. Available in micronized powder form, AddWorks IBC 760 prolongs the service life of SMP sealants as it reduces cracking and yellowing that typically occurs if exposed to strong sunlight or high temperature conditions. The performance is evident when tested against current benzotriazole containing solutions in the market. Our new stabilizer solution is an ideal ingredient to formulate high performance SMP sealants used for construction, automotive and other outdoor applications.
  • Flame Retardants
    Fire retardants that are halogen-free but full of fire-stopping power
    Flame retardants help to save lives by slowing down or stopping the spread of fire or reducing its intensity. They are used in anything from phones and curtains to car seats and buildings. Clariant’s halogen-free flame retardants are produced to modern standards in Germany, Switzerland and China. Their brand name Exolit® has become a byword for sustainable fire safety.

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