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Jul 23-25, 2024 | CDMX, Mexico

Latin American Coatings Show 2024


Clariant orgullosamente participa en LACS 2024, la exposición internacional más importante en Latinoamérica de proveeduría para la industria de pinturas, tintas y recubrimientos, que se realiza los días 23, 24, y 25 de Julio. Mostraremos nuestras soluciones sostenibles, de alto rendimiento e innovadoras que simplifican las complejidades de las formulaciones de pinturas, tintas, y recubrimientos. 

Nuestros expertos esperan encontrarse con usted en el stand 823 para colaborar y explorar las posibilidades de nuestras soluciones sostenibles.



PTFE-free and sustainable solutions for coatings and inks presentado por Simon Bodendorfer, Technical Business Development Manager

Jul 23-25, 2024 | CDMX, Mexico

Latin American Coatings Show 2024


Centro Citibanamex

Stand 823

Av. del Conscripto 311

CDMX, Mexico

Páginas de productos

  • Ceridust® 8170 M TP
    Revolutionary PTFE free agent for powder coatings to create structuring effects in the powder coating formulation.
  • Ceridust® 1041 TP Vita
    Ceridust 1041 TP Vita is a micronized polar modified wax based on renewable resource.
  • Ceridust® 1060 Vita
    New micronized product based on renewable feedstock. This modified natural wax is a sustainable solution offering high performance. It is easy dispersible in water and solvent-based wood coatings and shows excellent matting, as well as slip and scratch resistance properties. Furthermore, it gives wood a smooth, pleasant soft touch feel. Used in powder coatings, Ceridust 1060 Vita provides excellent pigment dispersion for bright colors. The modified natural wax furthermore acts as a processing and degassing aid and improves the surface protection. Due to the low melting point and low melt viscosity this additive is also an excellent option for low-temperature curing systems. Ceridust 1060 Vita has been awarded with an EcoTain label resulting from its sustainability advantages and exceeding market standards.
  • Ceridust® 8330
    Renewable polymer/wax compound suitable for both water and solvent based coatings and inks. Ceridust 8330 is a revolutionary, predominantly bio-based additive for all kind of printing inks with a mean particle size diameter of approximately 5.5 μm. Its mix of flexible yet tough polymeric characteristics makes it a powerful rub resistance additive for all types of ink systems. It is easy dispersible in water and solvent-based system with superior rub resistance properties versus conventional wax-based products. The outstanding rub resistance of Ceridust 8330 can even enable the substitution or reduction of PTFE in ink and coating systems. By this differentiated biopolymer-based micronized wax, wax dosage reduction of 30 % – 50 % is possible in gravure and flexographic inks to achieve the same rub resistance performance.
  • AddWorks® IBC 760
    AddWorks IBC 760 is a mixture of a UV absorber, hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) and antioxidant without any hazard labeling and designed to provide outstanding performance in SMP sealants in terms of light and heat stabilization. Available in micronized powder form, AddWorks IBC 760 prolongs the service life of SMP sealants as it reduces cracking and yellowing that typically occurs if exposed to strong sunlight or high temperature conditions. The performance is evident when tested against current benzotriazole containing solutions in the market. Our new stabilizer solution is an ideal ingredient to formulate high performance SMP sealants used for construction, automotive and other outdoor applications.
  • Exolit® AP 435
    Exolit® AP 435 is a fine-particle ammonium polyphosphate (phase II) optimized for low viscosity in aqueous suspension and intumescent coatings. The product is largely insoluble in water and completely insoluble in organic solvents. It is colorless, non-hygroscopic and non-flammable.
  • Exolit® AP 418 (TP)
    Halogen-free Exolit® AP 418 (TP), especially designed for solvent-based intumescent coatings, offers longer fire resistance time (FRT) compared to conventional solutions by exhibiting an earlier on-set temperature. Therefore, a lower dry film thickness (DFT) for achieving the desired FRT is required compared to standard formulations. In addition, the protection of combustible and heat sensitive substrates is improved. Clariant’s well-known ammonium polyphosphate offers the consistent quality to produce and offer a stable intumescent coating. Exolit AP® 418 (TP) is a free flowing white powder with low solubility in water. Additionally, it is completely insoluble in organic solvents. The product is non-hygroscopic and non-flammable.

Sepa Más

  • Coatings, paints and inks
    Clariant is a global provider of specialty chemicals for the paints & coatings industry including paint additives, waxes, and pigments for coatings.
  • Licocare® Rice Bran Waxes Coatings and Inks
    Licocare RBW making the things of our lives prettier and longer-lasting. (environmental-friendly, surface)
  • PTFE-free alternatives by Clariant
    High-quality PTFE-free solutions with sustainable raw materials for coatings and inks, to handle different types of surfaces with scratch resistance, slip modification, and matting effects.
  • Flame Retardants
    Flame retardants help to save lives by slowing down or stopping the spread of fire or reducing its intensity. They are used in anything from phones and curtains to car seats and buildings. Clariant’s halogen-free flame retardants are produced to modern standards in Germany, Switzerland and China. Their brand name Exolit® has become a byword for sustainable fire safety.
  • Light and heat stabilizer solution for SMP sealants
    Non-hazardous labeling to meet health & safety requirements

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