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MELITEK and Clariant Cooperation Bring New Solutions to the Healthcare Sector

Muttenz, February 18, 2013 – Modification of polymers by color, additives or blends /alloys, either as concentrates or compounds are increasingly demanded across a wide range of medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging. The regulations for this sector are also increasingly needing more attention to meeting regulatory requirements and control of changes in raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Specialist medical compounds producer MELITEK (Nr Aslev, Denmark) and Clariant Masterbatches Medical and Pharmaceuticals Segment (Muttenz, Switzerland) are two companies who have a similar understanding and approach to the needs of the sector, and have decided to work more closely together. In doing so, customers of each company can access a wider choice of options, whilst keeping clear responsibility for change control and traceability.

‘In some situations the ,producers of the plastic components for medical devices demand both compounds and masterbatches’ says Steve Duckworth, Head of Segment Global Segment Medical and Pharmaceuticals at Clariant, ‘This can be based on many factors such as batch sizes, process machinery capability and part design’.

Under the agreement concluded, Clariant will have access to Meliflex®-branded products to sell medical compounds of polyolefins and styrenic-based polymers through it’s network, and MELITEK will have access to MEVOPUR® masterbatches for use in Meliflex compounds or directly to its customers. This allows customers to have a single supplier and point of contact whilst keeping traceability. Thermoplastic elastomers are excluded from the agreement.

MELITEK is a long established company dedicated to the Healthcare market, and has machines capable of producing large lot sizes of compounds. They have deep experience and proven capability to meet the requirements of this market, and develop new solutions. Originally focused on PVC replacement with olefin alloys (no color), customer demand drove them to develop compounds containing colors and /or additives. This demand developed the relationship with Clariant’s site in Sweden. ‘The relationship with Clariant goes back many years, and we appreciate the common understanding of the market needs that Clariant have developed which is essential for masterbatches that support the customer’s compliance to the medical requirements' comments Kim Laursen, Managing Director of MELITEK.

‘The capability to offer clear and auditable raw material chain, with control of changes is extremely important to the Healthcare industry, and through this partnership we can give the customer the choice from wide range of compounds and masterbatches developed to address the needs of the Healthcare market, irrespective whether the customer needs 25kg or 25 tonnes of compound or 100kg of masterbatch’ comments Duckworth. ‘This is an alliance model similar to the airline industry, where skills, equipment, network and a common quality goal, are united to meet a customer need. Likewise in the Healthcare industry, the combination of skills of MELITEK and Clariant with our deep understanding and dedicated resources will help customers to meet the new challenges they face’.

‘The synergies coming from this cooperation is built on MELITEK’s long expertise and dedication to the healthcare market in providing added value materials and supply solutions to customers. By this sales cooperation, we hope to grow even further in the color compound market, offering more customers the advantage of pre-colored compounds and masterbatches.’ concludes Laursen with enthusiasm.



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