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Clariant Accelerates the Move to Waterborne Coatings with Sustainable Additives Solutions

  • Innovative technology for more environment- and performancefocused coatings
  • Highly efficient UV stabilizer dispersions from Clariant boost durability and UV protection

Muttenz, April 2, 2013 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, introduces innovative Hostavin® light stabilizer solutions to make waterborne coatings the new high-performance and more environmentally-oriented option for exterior protective applications, previously an exclusive area of solventborne systems.

Clariant’s synergistic solutions based on recently launched UV absorber Hostavin 3330 disp. XP and Hostavin 3070 disp. XP, a non-migrating high molecular weight HALS, optimize light stabilization for clear and pigmented waterborne coatings. As the market is replacing its long-term emphasis on solvents with a step-by-step transition towards waterborne systems, Clariant now offers the coatings industry opportunities to fill the performance gap, especially in premium segments such as exterior wood protective coatings, as well as high-end industrial and automotive coatings.

Hostavin 3330 disp XP is the first high loaded waterborne dispersion of a triazine class UV absorber, the latest generation of UV absorbers. Formulated at 52% UV absorber content, it brings a significant improvement in UV protection for waterborne systems. It offers high thermal stability and superior durability for effective prolonged service life, displaying high extinction in the protection of thin layers. It does not contain any VOC compounds and its excellent compatibility with binders makes it easy to incorporate and handle for paint producers.

The addition of Hostavin 3070 disp. XP in the formulation enhances these performance benefits further, thanks to its higher thermal stability combined with an excellent migration resistance. Furthermore, its improved toxicological profile, compared to traditional HALS, makes it free of any hazard labeling.

For manufacturers, the high loading of active ingredients and excellent compatibility in the binder enable them to benefit from more cost-effective formulations. For the finished coating, durability and overall coating performances are improved. For example, enhanced gloss retention and minimized color change are achieved for high-end clear coats such as those used in OEM automotive plastic coatings.

“Clariant’s advances in light stabilization are driving forward waterborne coatings into premium segments, until now the exclusive area of solventborne systems,” comments Jean-Yves Desrats, Technical Marketing Manager, Business Unit Additives, Clariant. “The request for more sustainable and eco-responsible additives is increasingly relevant for all manufacturers and the markets they serve. Thus with these latest Hostavin Dispersions developments, Clariant is underlining its commitment to deliver innovative technology that can really support customers.”


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