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Clariant Forecasts Fashion and Colors Full of Contrast for Autumn/Winter 2014-15

  • Launch of Global Color Card and Fashion up! trend booklet for Autumn/Winter 2014-15
  • Actual leather samples help customers create own collections
  • Collaboration with Modeurop, the Fashion Pool at DSI (Deutsches Schuhinstitut GmbH)

Muttenz, May 27, 2013 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has launched its new Global Color Card and Fashion up! Trend booklet showing for Autumn/Winter 2014-15 fashion and color themes full of contrasts. The simplicity of modern urban life contrasts with the rebirth of an opulent empire style; the down-to-earth life of Victorian industrial workers contrasts with an overworldly view of the cosmos. The color groups, too, selected in close cooperation with Modeurop, the Fashion Pool at DSI (Deutsches Schuhinstitut GmbH), contrast — from lightness over intensity to darkness, though they can be combined homogeneously within the respective color groups. The Fashion up! Trend booklet illustrates actual leather samples which were developed during an international trend workshop and which helps Clariant’s customers to create their own collections.



Modern city living inspires clean lines and blocked color, providing a new angle on the minimalist trend. Urban neutrals, black and white are peppered with brights. Graphic textures and smooth finishes are translated into smart suits and sportswear-influenced high fashion looks.


The extravagance of Russia, from tsars and oligarchs to gold leafed icons and diamond-encrusted Fabergé eggs, sets the scene for this decadent mood. Sumptuous textures come in rich colors of gold, blue and red. Styling spells drama and opulence.


The smoking chimneys of northern mill towns depicted in L.S. Lowry’s paintings, and Charles Dickens’ smog filled Victorian London are the references for this Industrial Revolution theme. Old-world browns and muted colors create a vintage palette for heritage textures. Apparel is modelled on traditional classics and workwear, often with a masculine feel.


Stargazer looks deep into space for a futuristic story with unexpected softness. Meteorite showers, the Milky Way, space dust and celestial sparkle suggest gentle, lustrous metallics and iridescent finishes in all the colors of the galaxy.


After the dramatic color flash of 2013, the Autumn/Winter season 2014-15 restores a certain air of calm and order to the color picture. Three clear color groups based on lightness, intensity and darkness form the foundation. These can be combined homogeneously within the respective groups, although variations and mixtures with shades from the other themes can be far more exciting, providing a certain contrast.


It is all about tenderness and familiarity, about balance, silence and harmony. Wintry cold, with colors pure and clean, bright and light. But also plenty of warmth and an enchanting femininity are evident. The colors range from fragile pale mauves to greys, completed by neutral, light to darker shades of cashmere.


The opposite of silent: loud, intense and lively, bursting with temperament and energy. Moving images of modern cities appear before our eyes: the lights of the skyscrapers, graffiti, neon advertisements and traffic. Strong red and clear blue, a wintry turquoise and orange are the key colors ̶ black and grey provide contours.


The colors of the night, mysterious nature and obscure science fiction. A palette that radiates a deep, rich darkness: a very deep, dark green, a new brown with a touch of ginger and olive and a dark blue. All are dominated by black, while the metallic shimmering shades of brass and bronze add excitement and lightness.


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