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Clariant's New Melio® Softfix ANV Provides the Perfect Finish for Aniline, Nubuck and Velour

Muttenz, May 27, 2013 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has formulated its Melio® Softfix ANV especially for finishing aniline, nappa and nubuck to meet the undiminished demand for a more natural type of leather for the footwear and garment sectors.

Melio Softfix ANV is a very versatile type of NMP/NEP–free, aqueous, finest particle size, polymer dispersion.

Colour correction and enhancement on nubuck and improvements of the rub fastness properties of these leathers — as well as maintaining at a high level the sought-after writing effect that distinguishes suede — are key properties.

The versatility of Melio Softfix ANV is further displayed when it is used as the main ingredient of fine leather base coats, which are necessary to achieve elegant garment leathers and double-face.