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Clariant's Protective Desiccants Offer Superior Moisture Absorption for Bulk Grain Transport

  • Container Dri II® trumps propionic acid and its various salts in preserving bulk grains and other agricultural products during overseas shipping
  • Container Dri II® is simpler to use, less costly than propionic acid and reduces product waste

Muttenz, July 17, 2013 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, offers an advanced technology solution for moisture protection in packaging and shipping containers that is aiding in the reduction of mold and microtoxins that can threaten the quality of grain exports. Clariant’s Container Dri II®, a superior and cost-effective alternative to commonly used propionic acid, is a desiccant technology that protects bulk grain for the length of the shipment to help ensure the quality of grain arriving in foreign ports. Container Dri II maintains grain flowability and is easy and cost effective to use.

Clariant’s industry-leading Container Dri II desiccant bags absorb up to three-times their weight in moisture in a no-spill gel. As the desiccant absorbs moisture, it reduces the dew point below the surface temperature, preventing condensation from forming on the walls of the container and the grain. This is particularly important as the cargo moves through changing climates.

“Humidity and temperature extremes make a perfect breeding ground for molds and microtoxins, and the results can be devastating – particularly for grain shipments to distant locations,” said Justin Mueller, head of Cargo & Device Protection, Clariant. “But Clariant Container Dri II desiccants can help to significantly reduce these risks. With proven high performance that exceeds propionic acid, our Container Dri II desiccants protect grain shipments for the duration of their journey to ensure port-to-port quality. Not only does this avoid unnecessary waste and cost, it also helps preserve the precious nutritional value of the product.” 

With agricultural products, including grain, among the fastest-growing U.S. exports1, maintaining product quality is vital both for suppliers and ultimately customers. To ensure quality, protection from humidity is critical. According to a study done by the University of Illinois, propionic acid – a chemical spray intended to inhibit mold growth – can begin to lose its effectiveness after only two to three weeks2 and does not remove moisture from the shipping container. On the other hand, Clariant’s Container Dri II desiccant technology has proven effective time and time again, maintaining moisture absorption throughout the duration of each shipment. This includes those that take several months from the United States to remote villages across the globe.

The significance of the University of Illinois study is backed by research at the University of Minnesota that concluded the use of propionic acid does not improve the flowability of grain into bulk storage containers and transport vehicles3. The key to improving the flowability of grain is to remove moisture from the container and the product, which is possible with desiccants, such as Clariant’s Container Dri II desiccants.

Container Dri II bags are positioned high in the shipping container and are easily and quickly installed using carabiners that attach to the container’s eye hooks. This differs from propionic acid, which requires heavy machinery and labor to apply the chemical spray onto the grain. Not only does this costly process require constant attention and maintanence to ensure consistent, reliable performance, but the chemical itself must be warmed to be kept above freezing to ensure it does not clog the machinery.

Another benefit of Clariant’s Container Dri II technology over propionic acid is visual confirmation by the receiving port that the grain was protected during shipment and that moisture was effectively removed from the product. Propionic acid is a clear liquid, making it difficult to determine if the grain has been fully treated or treated at all. With Container Dri II desiccants, visual confirmation is quickly accomplished by simply inspecting the hanging bags, which expand as moisture is absorbed.

Container Dri II desiccants – also available in strips, poles and packs depending on the cargo to be shipped – are safe, non-toxic, and can be easily disposed of when the shipment reaches its destination. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined that the films used to package Container Dri II desiccants meet requirements for contact with food and drugs.


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