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IMP and Clariant Sign a Technology Alliance Agreement

With the objective of strengthening their technological capabilities and obtaining a mutual benefit in terms of scientific knowledge, technology and innovation in the oil industry, in addition to improving business opportunities, the Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP) and Clariant Mexico S.A. in Cuernavaca, a world leader in specialty chemicals, signed a collaboration agreement for a technological alliance.

Around the world, more and more organizations in the oil sector are seeking to build alliances to work together, share resources, combine efforts and jointly capitalize on the results of their research, technology development and innovation projects.  

By entering into this alliance, IMP and Clariant are uniting their efforts to make advances in: 

  1. the development of their technology departments,
  2. human resources development,
  3. the search for the best product lines,
  4. the search for the best business and service models to provide a Complete Service with excellent quality to PEMEX and its subsidiaries.

The main benefits of this alliance will be:

  • An increased ability to meet and address PEMEX'S needs and those of its subsidiaries byoffering complete solutions.
  • The union of Clariant and IMP’s efforts in infrastructure, knowledge, methodologies andmaterial and human resources for the development of state of the art technological solutions for PEMEX.
  • The ability to obtain accelerated access to the most advanced technology and to be positioned to assimilate them for the benefit of PEMEX and its subsidiaries.^
  • The improvement of the alliance’s positioning in PEMEX and the world oil market. 

The agreement was signed by Dr. Vinicio Suro Pérez, IMP General Director, engineer Fernando Hernández Espinosa, Clariant Mexico General Director, and Elmer Antonio González Torres, Clariant Mexico Director of Legal Affairs.


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