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Clariant to Exhibit its EcoTain Line of Products at the 14th China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition (InterLubric 2013)

Shanghai, September 12, 2013 — Clariant’s Industrial and Consumer Specialties Business Unit (BU ICS) will exhibit at the 14th China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition (InterLubric 2013) on September 24th-26th 2013 at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center in Guangzhou, China. With a focus on promoting locally produced sustainable lubricant base fluids and additives, Clariant’s exhibit will feature its line of EcoTain® labeled Lubricant products, as well as the products that are now manufactured domestically.

Going Local

As a leading supplier to the industrial lubricant industry, Clariant has transformed itself in recent years from an importer into Asia of highly specialized additives and base fluids, to a local producer. This was accomplished while maintaining its high international quality standards. Today over 90% of Clariant’s global lubricant product line is produced in Asia. As a result of this transformation, Asian customers benefit from a significantly improved supply chain, shorter lead times and improved service. The range of products currently being produced in Asia was chosen to best meet the needs of domestic consumers and fall into four main categories: emulsifiers, biocides, lubricity improvers and synthetic base fluids.

EcoTain® life cycle concept for safer, long lasting lubricants

This line of products featured at the InterLubric show is driven by Clariant’s commitment to protect human, environmental and ecological health without neglecting performance and efficiency. Clariant created the EcoTain® lifecycle and product certification labeling scheme to highlight those products that demonstrate sustainable excellence throughout every step of the product’s lifecycle, from initial design to its final eco-integration.

In order to qualify for the EcoTain® label, a product must fulfill a broad range of requirements such as being resource-efficient, safe in handling and biodegradable, all of which reflect Clariant’s core values of appreciating people, performance and the planet.

EcoTain products for industrial lubricants were developed to satisfy the dual aims of performance and sustainability. Products such as non-ionic emulsifier Emulsogen MTP 070 offer lubricant and metal working formulator’s outstanding performance benefits, including excellent emulsion formation and stability, very low foaming and high lime soap dispersing power. Along with its lower environmental impact, customers are assured a steady supply through a combination of excellent feedstock availability, a broad inventory status and global production set-up.

Other Featured Products at InterLubric 2013

The following locally manufactured products are showcased during the exhibition


  • A multifunctional emulsifier for metal working fluids
  • Low foaming and easy foam control
  • Excellent emulsifying capacity
  • Outstanding hard water stability
  • Outstanding Ecotox profile


A wide range of polyalkylene synthetic base fluids for fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, polymer quenchants and gear oils. The range includes products with a wide range of viscosities, pour and cloud points

  • Excellent solvent properties
  • Good seal compatibility
  • Highly effective corrosion prevention
  • Low foaming
  • High shear stability


A range of synthetic esters used as additives and base fluids in a wide variety ofapplications including rolling oils and hydraulic and cutting fluids. The Hostagliss

range provides a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Faster milling speeds
  • Improved surface quality of metals
  • Reduces friction between metal parts
  • Contains a low level of burning residues
  • Excellent filtration properties
  • Reduced risk of fire compared to other products

Clariant will exhibit these products and more at booth number A20 during the three-day InterLubric show. Clariant’s technical team will be on-hand to explain the function of these products and how the EcoTain® label can benefit our clients’ operations. With an annual attendance of over 7,000 potential clients, the InterLubric exhibition is the premier event in China’s industrial lubricant sector and will feature more than 200 exhibitors from across the lubricant industry.


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