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Clariant Launches New Range of Personal Care Products in India

  • Presents exciting Personal Care product ranges that are part of the company’s new Secret Code of Beauty.
  • Plantasen® is an innovative range of natural ingredients that include plant-based actives, unique emulsifiers and a broad selection of emollients ranging from vegetable oils and natural butters to alternatives to silicones, petrolatum and lanolin.
  • Showcases the newly launched Nipaguard Zero, Aristoflex Velvet, and Perlogen.

Mumbai, India, 28 October 2013 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, introduced innovative Personal Care product ranges that are part of the company’s new Secret Code of Beauty concept to the Indian market. At the product launch last week, Dr. Alexander Snell, Head Business -Industrial & Consumer Specialties in India and Ms. Cloe Cibil LeMeudec, Application Development (Global), Clariant International shared indepth information on the benefits of these new products and the principles of Clariant’s Secret Code of Beauty concept.

The launch was attended by leading companies from the personal care and hygiene industry. These included Marico, Emami, Reckitt Benckiser, L‘Oreal India, Johnson & Johnson India amongst others.

“Plantasen is a perfect fit in the Clariant portfolio for the Indian market because it is a pure vegetable based offering. An example is the new launch of Olive Squalane which is 100% plant based and not of animal origin. Another example is the new Natural Emulsifier HP10 which provides performance enhancement like stability and strengthen skin barrier function using the latest liquid crystal technology.

We have now unlocked the Secret Code of Beauty and are excited to share these with our customers. Our products are driven by a strong research base and we at Clariant will continue to deliver innovative and advanced products that play a key role in enhancing our customers manufacturing processes that add value to their end products,” said Dr. Alexander Snell, Head Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties, Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited.

Below are the products launched in India today and their features:

Plantasens® natural ingredients surprise the senses naturally. The product range includes plant-based actives, unique emulsifiers, and a broad selection of emollients ranging from vegetable oils and natural butters to alternatives for silicones, petrolatum and lanolin. Most Plantasens® products are also Ecocert® approved, satisfying the requirements to develop natural cosmetic products.

Aristoflex® Velvet adds a soft, velvety skin feel to skin care formulations. A finalist in this year’s Cosmetics & Toiletries Innovation Award, the new member of Clariant’s versatile Aristoflex polymer product line is the ultimate answer to the trend toward luxury, providing a true sensorial experience. It is easy to use and brings unique benefits to a wide range of applications.

Perlogen® creates the sparkle in formulations. The cold processable, liquid pearlizing concentrate for rinse-off products creates an intensive silky shine in shampoos, liquid hand soaps, nourishing conditioners and moisturizing washes. Its well defined particle size helps achieve high brilliance of pearlescent performance and an excellent pearlizing effect at low concentrations.

Genagen® SC blends are cold processable and offer excellent foam-building. The two grades of easy to use blends are based on a unique and patented technology to upgrade a broad variety of formulations. They improve opacifier stability and shorten production time.

Nipaguard® Zero paraben is the innovative alternative to parabens at a comparable price. The four new blends which contain no halogens or formaldehydes have been developed for use in rinse-off and leave-on applications, wet wipes and difficult-to-preserve formulations. Extensive testing to meet the highest standards ensures that formulators can have complete confidence in the effectiveness of all four blends to deliver the same levels of performance as traditional preservatives.


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