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Clariant's New Cool Black Masterbatches Help Polypropylene Carpet Fibers Beat the Heat

  • Innovative new pigments reflect sun’s heating rays
  • Outdoor carpeting stays up to 10°C cooler
  • Developed in the USA; available worldwide

Charlotte, USA, January 22, 2014 - Clariant, a world leader in Specialty Chemicals, today announced the introduction of black masterbatches specially formulated to reflect heat-generating near-infrared light rays so that carpeting stays cooler. Light in the visible spectrum is absorbed so that color development is comparable to that of standard pigments.

Tradenamed REMAFIN® Cool Black, the tailor-made masterbatches are intended to replace more conventional products that use carbon black pigments. Polypropylene (PP) carpet yarns made with new Cool Black masterbatches are ideal for carpeting used outdoors on decks or boats where the heat of the sun can make dark surfaces uncomfortable to walk on. The same technology can be applied in such textile applications as apparel and upholstery and in resins other than PP, including polyester and nylon.

REMAFIN Cool Black was developed at the Clariant facility in Dalton, Georgia, USA, which specializes in production of masterbatches that go into fiber-based end-products such as carpets and various types of textiles. The plant houses an application development lab with a pilot-scale fiber line so yarn samples produced in almost any color and new formulations can be tested. Here, Clariant engineers compared how yarn made with conventional carbon-black pigments performed against Cool Black formulations. Yarns made with Cool Black masterbatches remained about 10°C and about 20°F cooler than the control samples. Acceptable color saturation was achieved at 7% masterbatch loading, which was comparable to the loading used with the carbon black masterbatch. Details about the test results are available to interested customers.

"Black pigments that reflect the sun’s heat have been used in other applications," says Peter Prusak, Head of Marketing – Clariant Masterbatches North America. "However, carpet fibers are so thin that pigments must be thoroughly dispersed or else agglomerates can create problems in the fiber spinning process. We believe this is the first time Cool Black technology has been available to producers of carpet fiber."

Developed in the United States, REMAFIN Cool Black masterbatches are available globally through regional and local Clariant offices in more than 55 countries. Clariant Masterbatches has outstanding knowledge about adding color and functionality to synthetic fibers and can help create brilliant colorful solutions in carpets, clothing, automotive interiors, non-wovens and artificial turf. Additive masterbatches enhance durability, UV stability, flame retardancy, antibacterial and many other performance properties.


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