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Clariant Container Dri® II Desiccants Meet New FCC Guidelines for Cocoa Bean Shipments

  • Provide 65 percent or higher loading of calcium chloride, complying with Federation of Cocoa Commerce recommendations
  • Deliver highest moisture absorption performance of any calcium-chloride-based desiccant to optimize economics
  • Advanced formulation traps moisture as a thick gel, preventing spills
Muttenz, February 24, 2014 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, today announced that its Container Dri® II desiccant products meet new specifications from the Federation of Cocoa Commerce Ltd. (FCC) for protection of cocoa bean shipments in containers. The updated FCC guidelines, published in November 2013, no longer recommend silica gel desiccant bags; instead, they now recommend calcium chloride desiccant bags with a minimum loading of 65 percent. Clariant’s Container Dri II desiccants not only meet these recommendations with a 65 percent or higher loading, but also provide the highest moisture absorption of any calcium chloride-based product. They easily address FCC absorption requirements and provide a cost-effective solution for cocoa bean shippers. Container Dri II desiccants are already providing excellent results for coffee shippers.

"The updated FCC guidelines make it clear that traditional silica gel desiccants are now considered less effective for moisture protection of cocoa beans vs. our Container Dri II desiccants," said Justin Mueller, head of Cargo & Device Protection, Clariant Corporation. "Silica gel, while inexpensive, simply cannot absorb enough moisture to provide adequate protection for this valuable cargo. In contrast, our technology meets or surpasses the new recommendations with a smaller amount of desiccant, thanks to its exceptional absorption capabilities."

Cocoa beans are primarily grown in Africa, Indonesia and South America, and are typically transported by sea in large shipping containers to major markets in Europe, Asia and North America. To protect the delicate beans against damage from mold and mildew during long voyages, effective container desiccants are essential.

The Container Dri II line of specially designed cargo desiccants protect cargo during shipping by aggressively absorbing moisture from the air. This advanced Clariant technology reduces the dew point temperature (the temperature at which condensation begins to form, causing container rain as it is often called), keeping cargo safe and dry. Container Dri II absorbs up to three times its weight in moisture and traps it as a thick, no-spill gel. Container Dri II also has the ability to protect shipments from start to finish, through all temperature ranges and relative humidity variances, and continues to reduce the relative humidity down to levels below 40 percent RH, which decreases the dew point temperature even further.

To read the complete FCC guidelines for shipping cocoa, please visit the organization’s website at and become a member.

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