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Clariant Healthcare Packaging Collaborates with Pumpart for Airless Technologies for Protecting Pharmaceutical Creams


  • The technology will be showcased at Pharmapack Europe 2014 including and expert presentation from the patient’s perspective
Muttenz, February 12, 2014 - Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, through its Healthcare Packaging business segment, has announced a partnership and collaboration with PumpArt System® for the introduction of an innovative airless dispensing technology, Tubairless®, to the pharmaceutical industry.

The combination of an air chamber and a soft plastic pouch sealed within a flexible tube, Tubairless is a dispensing system that help protects sensitive cream-based formulas from the adverse effects of outside air. Many medicated creams, ointments, gels and pastes are susceptible to moisture gain or loss as well as certain types of contamination. The tube’s internal pump prevents air-intake and product flow-back during dispensing, reducing the ingress of unwanted elements that can contaminate the contents. Protection can be further enhanced by integrating multiple protective barrier or active layers to the package.

"The Tubairless design appeals to both healthcare providers and patients," said Elisa Le Floch, Pharm.D., Clariant Healthcare Packaging business development manager. "It not only can help address preservation issues as formulators look for ways to reduce or eliminate preservatives from formulations, but also can improve patient compliance with a user friendly experience."

Patients in studies have shown to appreciate the ability to more accurately control the dosage without unexpected release or splashing. Tubairless also allows for the almost complete evacuation of the product – at least 95 percent – providing a clear economic benefit.

The tube system boasts less complexity with only three parts compared up to 20 with a piston pump system, contributing to its cost effectiveness. From a sustainability perspective, Tubairless uses 25-50 percent less plastic than conventional airless tube-pumps.

The product will be showcased at Pharmapack, booth 331, February 12-14, 2014. The technology will be presented from the patient’s perspective at the Pharmapack conference Thursday, February 13, by Dr. Elisa Le Floch, Clariant Healthcare Packaging business development & marketing manager.

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