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Clariant Rolls Out New Liquid Fragrance Additives for Polyolefins

Charlotte, April 9, 2014 - Clariant, a world leader in Specialty Chemicals, today announced the development of fragrance additives in liquid masterbatch form for use in polyolefin polymers. Marketed under the HiFormer® brand, the liquid masterbatches have been optimized for blown and cast film applications and are being used commercially.

The new HiFormer system offers fragrance applications numerous additional advantages over existing pelletized masterbatches:

  • Less additive is needed to achieve equivalent performance. Less than 50% of the initial quantity of the solid, pelletized masterbatch is required to provide the same fragrance effect.Liquid masterbatches are compounded without critical heat, fragrance intensity is maintained. Additives are subjected to critical heat only during end-product extrusion.HiFormer dosing-and handling units are extremely accurate and consistent. Users have more control over dosing so there is less waste. "Getting liquid masterbatches to work effectively in polyolefins has been a challenge" explains Peter Prusak, Head of Marketing – Clariant Masterbatches North America, "but the liquid vehicle technology (LVT) used in HiFormer has a high degree of compatibility with the polymer so problems with screw slippage and development of end-product physical properties have been effectively eliminated. These fragrance masterbatches offer an exciting new option for film producers."

    Early commercial applications for the new liquid additive masterbatches include a lemon scent in five-layer white kitchen-sized trash bags. However, they can impart a pleasing fragrance to all kinds of consumer products including those that are injection molded, blow molded or extruded. The additives can also mask the burnt carbon odor that often characterizes products that incorporate a high level of post-consumer recycled resins (PCR). Thus, they may also help companies achieve environmental sustainability objectives.   The HiFormer brand, which encompasses high performance integrated liquid masterbatches, was introduced in 2013. It sets a new industry standard by offering the right mix of consultancy, engineering and chemistry for world class performance, flexibility and excellence. HiFormer is able to deliver service, technology and expertise from the design stage to the start of production and beyond.

    "Clariant is one of the only companies able to offer color and additive masterbatches in both solid and liquid form on a global scale both for PET and polyolefin polymers," notes Prusak. "We are committed to giving our customers a choice of liquid and solid forms, making unbiased recommendations based only on what is best for their specific application."

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